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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, Less Money...

Well, it's been a good new year so far. Not that I'm deep into it yet, but hey it's good to start out on a high note!

I went to Toronto to visit friends on the new year. While I was there we knitted a bunch. Unfortutanely, I forgot to get a photo of the scarf I finished. Hopefully I'll remember to get a pic of that before I give it to the intended scarfee. I did pick up some gorgeous yarns at a the local shop:

 The top one is a 100% merino wool, the pink one is a cotton cashmere, and the blues are a 100% wool. I'm planning to use the merino to make some socks. I'll have to practice with something else first though. I'm thinking a scarf and mitten set with the wool. I couldn't decide what to do with the cashmere, but one of the ladies at work today was chatting with me and we decided on an open weave shawl to wear with a little black dress :-).

Just before Christmas I signed up for the Stitching Retreat run by Jan at A Stitcher's Garden (my LNS). I'm really looking forward to the fun in March. Of course, now it's the dreaded name tag challenge that's hanging over my head! The theme for this year is Americana. I have some ideas for the piece, but have no idea when I'm going to work on it now that I'm running a triathlon training program at one of the local Ys and have weekends filled up with visits to Canada (maybe for more yarn?). I'm sure I'll be able to pull through!

I am going to the stitch-in at my LNS this week, so at least I'll be getting in a little time on a few of my open projects. Maybe I'll work on the teacup hardanger piece this time.

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