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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Just Trying to Survive...

It was quite a dangerous day today. First there was the stabbing...I received the sharp end of the stick, as it were, when I was trying to fix my siding today (which I gave up on) using a 4x4 and got a good 3mm splinter. Then, I was tutoring and in my excitement to teach about pancreatic issues, a bloody mess occured due to a nasty paper cut. Finally, while I was stitching, my cat was possessed by the spirit of a angry, angry cougar. Fortunately, no tendons were damaged. I did, however, sustain a tiny little bite and a couple of irritating scratches which became quite inflamed for about 15 minutes. I decided it was best to maintain my distance and nap for a bit.

Yesterday I stopped by the stitching shop and had a visit with a few of the ladies with whom I stitch. I picked out the rest of the threads for the Art Deco alphabet and was able to show off my completed letter R...
I am thrilled to have completed this one. I really enjoyed working with the natural coloration of the threads. For this project I decided to use a pile of the Silkweaver Solos I had in my stash (mind you this project was started in 2007, I think) and a single color hand-dyed thread for the whole letter. Mostly this is because I feel that the letters are lovely and, indeed, should be stitched in a single color to show off their form, but that there is no way I would ever be able to stitch 26 100x100 projects in black on white fabric. If that isn't a sure way for someone to commit harikari...well, it pretty much is. So forget that. This particular letter, as you may note, appears to be stitched in two different colors of green. Mai non, I just pulled out some of the darker portions of the thread for the leaves. Aren't I quite the sneaky one??!!

I was planning on starting the letter E next, but based on the converation at the shop I think it might be best if I start on the letter O. It was determined by the group that is is a rather creepy letter as there are a bunch of eyeballs on it. I was thinking that if I was to save it for last I would never finish the project because that letter is possibly cursed and that it would result in an untimely death, thus leaving the project uncompleted. Maybe it is best if I just get it done!

I also am working to wrap up Thy Needle which appears to have become like Mindy's chicken project (Free Bird by Plum Street Sampler)...lots of frogging. I made some good progress, but ended up pulling out an end motif when I realized I was off by two stitches and that it would be noticeable. If it isn't going to be noticeble this stuff just gets left... the world isn't perfect and really, it is just stitching people! This is my progress as of earlier today...
I actually have completed a bit more than this, but I take the photo when it occurs to me.

With that I shall now sign off. I had the flu recently and it has quite wiped me out. I am hoping tomorrow I shall awake refreshed and ready for a full work day. Be Well!

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