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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Little Fishees and Thy Needle

The last few weeks have been quite busy. It seems that everyone I speak with feels like they are in over their head with tasks. Likely it is in part due to the early season winter storms that came through. I thought I was prepared for winter; I had brought everything in, emptied my exterior water pipes, and even gotten all of my snow gear out. However, living in a town house for 6 years and an apparent for 2 years before that made me forget one important item: no one would be coming to clear my driveway! So it snowed and I woke up to 8 inches and got my shovel and went out to clear my driveway...and remembered that I just had shoulder surgery and can't shovel. Surprise! Of course this was the day before I was scheduled to have my snow tires swapped in.

I muddled through thanks to a delightful neighbor who brough his snow blower over and then pushed my car out of the driveway. I ordered a snow blower which I assembled today (40 degrees and rainy for that). I even ordered some snow melt. Good for me.

Despite all of the busy between work and the catch-up winter prep (the snow really was gorgeous and so much less mud in my house), I still was able to get in a bit of stitching.

Over last weekend I finished another mini project (even though I said I wasn't going to do another). It ended up going to a co-worker for her son's room:
I also spent most of that weekend learning how to assemble a quilt from the tops I made about 2 years ago:

The Christmas one is now hanging from my stairwell:
It turns out that I am maybe not so awesome at quilting yet. I plan to get better, but don't yet know when I will be able to budget some time to work on that. I have some exams I probably should get around to studying for first.

During the week I tried to make a little time to stitch and was able to get some work done on my Thy Needle project:
Currently I'm taking a quick break from it all to work on a jigsaw puzzle and enjoy the sun through the window.

Happy stitching!

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