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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vacation Time Means Stitching Time

I am on vacation!! I have a whole week off work and do not feel any obligation to do any particular thing. So I have pulled out a project that I started in, I think, 2009 and have been stitching away...oh happy days!! This one is called Nova and is an amazing canvaswork project.
So afr this week I completed the 8 squares in the right column from the dark blue one with the details that look like little wrenches straight down to the one in row 11 which looks like a checkerboard. This is actually rotated and the right-most column is actually the third row down in the the event you are also looking at the model image. I have completed a couple more squares in the 4th row down of the main chart...future photo to come. There are something like 396 squares in the project and I think I have 57 completed. So that's just over 14% done. One square at a time...

I also have a little travel project I have been working on called Time by Elizabeth's Designs. It's a cute little freebie that I got from one of the stitching retreats as a prize. The project is a delightful mix of cross stitch and satin stitches. I figure I'll just post the finish when I get there since it's such a dinker.

Also this week I might take some time to clean my WIPs piles so I can figure out what needs to be completed...or I might just work on the projects and figure that finishing them might effectiely result in a clean up. Somehow over the past couple of years I started squirreling things that are not craft related in my craft cabinet --- GASP!!! The only solution is to glare at it all for some time and determine if I should do something about it or shrug and have a drink...probably #2.

Happy stitching!!

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