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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Tiny Little Thing

I finished another one on the 11th just as my parents were walking in the door for a visit. And I was able to get it framed up. That's quite a step for me. It's just a little thing. My first time working on silk gauze. I liked it, but I think maybe not enough to do more - although there are a bunch of HAED projects I have that might be really awesome on silk gauze. So here it is...
And, of course, it's the time for holiday shopping and holiday sales. normally I ignore this kind of stuff. But then I got the sale email one such as myself cannot resist so I bought fabric on discount...
And that's the 18 different fabrics I got in my grab bag purchase. They're all in the 8"x8" range - just right for ornaments or little motifs, etc. And here's the big stuff...
The purple blue one on the left is an 18"x26" 32 ct linen. The middle red one is a 14 ct Aida, same size. And the last is a 40ct opalescent linen. I have so many good ideas for them! I have some really great samplers that would look stunning on these.

I have been working on Sudden Showers lately:
I'm hoping to get a WIP photo soon. So far I have most of the top 1/3 done. I'm hoping I can get some time in on it tonight, but I have some other little crafts to work on for the holidays. I should probably get those done since I only have a couple of days ;-).

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