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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Hat

I have successfully knitted my first ever hat. It is a fine hat. I'm a little shocked at how well it turned out. My first attempt at the brim was a bit questionable. I tried first with a 36" size 7 circular needle. The cable on that needle was too long. So I knitted it off to my double pointed needles. The DPNs were a bit too shirt so it was a bit of a trick trying to use them without the stitches falling off. On top of that I apparently twisted the stitches as I was knitting them off as there was an enormous ridge. Now I want to figure out who I did that because it was really nifty. It would be cool to do a hat with a few of those big ridges going around the brim.

Right. So here's the photo. It's a bit of a cruddy photo since I'm still not very good at taking pictures with my cell phone. And no you don't get to see my whole face, not because I'm worried about my cover being blown, so much as I was making a stupid face and don't feel like taking the time to get a better photo :-).

I'm almost finished with the matching scarf. I wanted to wait to finish that until after I had wrapped up the hat so I could use all of the left over yarn for the scarf. There's no point in having a tiny little ball of it lying around!!

I'm hoping to get the scarf done tonight while I'm at the dog club meeting. Then I'm planing on wrapping up the hardanger tea cup project. I'm soooo close on that one! All of the white work on the cups is done. All of the specialty stitches on three of the cups are complete. I just need to do the cut work on the last cup, do 11 doohickey stitches (yeah I can't remember what they're called) and then do the green accent stitches on the last two cups. It should be the work of one Lord of the Rings movie.

Oh and I'm excited because it's just under a month til the stitch in and just over a month to the stitching retreat. YAY!

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