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Friday, July 10, 2009

Snowmans in Summer

Who doesn't love snowmen??!! It's silly hot out today and I'm happy to post the finish of my chilly friends. This was super fun to work up. I'm trying to decide what it should be assembled as still.I'm a loser and am missing my LNS stitching group tonight for two sessions in a row. I have a bike ride I'm organizing tomorrow and a friend I'm trying to help out. I can't quite seem to squeeze the time out of my days anymore. *sigh* But I'm planning to head downstairs to my stitching station and at least put in a little time on the macaws project. I did some on that this morning. It's going to be lovely! I can't wait to finish that one :-).


Shadowspun said...

Looks cool. ;p Do you have enough fabric to try it as a pendible?

Hear anything about the fair yet?

Jenn Entropy said...
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Jenn Entropy said...

Goodness, what a dork I am - I didn't post the fair results. I ended up getting 1st on the Sunny Day Cat and the Autumnal Abstract and 2nd on the Alchemical Symbols. But I was robbed on that! Robbed I say ;-).

I should do it as a pendible. I need to get it made up soon - I already showed it to the recipient, but it's not a gift unless you give it! LOL

Shadowspun said...

Congratulations! Yay!!!!!