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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Annual Stitching Retreat

This weekend was the annual stitching retreat for A Stitcher's Garden. This year's theme was Spooky and involved a class taught by Isabella Maria Grazia of The Primitive Hare. Rather than a name-tag challenge for this year, we had an ornament exchange. I finished mine at the last minute (last night)...

This also is officially my first finish (although not the only stitching I have done) since 2015!

Of course a major part of every stitching retreat is the act of separating myself from my money and receiving some bits 'n' bobs from the retreat committee...

Ir was so nice seeing my friends and making new ones at this retreat. It has been a couple years for me and I sorely missed being at the event!

The class is a wonderful piece to front a diddy-bag and a stump doll with a pumpkin apron. I will be posting my progress photos in the near future. In the mean time I must finish picking up from the retreat and start sewing the doll and bag.

Jan, as always, I am looking forward to next year's event!


Lori said...

Hey Jenn, what a cool, well written write up!
Ms Stump looks great! Well done chickie!

Jenn Entropy said...

Thank you so mcuh! I had such a great time :-).