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Friday, April 10, 2015

WIPs Update

Last night I finally got around to getting some photos my my current WIPs. I didn't really want to stop stitching, but I needed to take a food break so I got them while I was chomping on Girl Scout Cookies (so evil!!).

I decided I wanted to work on something with vibrant colors this week. So, of course, rather than pulling out something that's already started, I grabbed a new kit. I received "Live by the Sun" just a couple of days ago and this is what I have done so far...
Not bad for a couple of hours of work. There are beads on this one, so it slows me down a little, but they're going to be quite pretty.

I also made huge progress on the Yei project while I was on my trip to Thailand. Not that I've touched it since. But hey, it's my travelling project and I haven't really been traveling (and thus is my justification).

I'm planning to work on the project from the A Stitcher's Garden retreat over the weekend a bit and into next week. I've made a little progress since the event, but not a huge amount.

Finally, in the interest of being a good little stitcher, I completed the 2012 retreat sampler and jammed it into the pincushion form from the event. I probably (might) should make a better effort to make this look nice and actually "finish" it in the stand, but hey, it's stitched!

And this is my idea of spring cleaning!

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