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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 Finishes So Far

It's nice to be back to stitching again. After a couple of years without doing much (apparently due in part to a VitD deficiency - Public Service Announcement: get your levels checked if you're feeling tired and achy at all), I'm back in business!

I started off in February by finishing a little project that I'm planning to send to a friend as it is a bit of an inside joke. Not that I'm likely to get around to making it pretty for another couple of years, but's progress.

Then I, shockingly, assembled the Polychrome Palooza knotwork kit that I finished in November 2011...see: right on time. Considering sewing isn't my strength, it didn't turn out too horrid.
Then there was the recent retreat. We started the event with a little project on Friday night. It was quite fun to whomp together the strawberry fob/pincushion as a starter for the event.

The next day we received the retreat sample that goes along with this fob. I've gotten a good amount completed on this project, but haven't gotten a photo of it you'll just have to wait on that WIP.
It's a lovely piece and is very fun to stitch. There are a lot of little thing going on to make it interesting. This was designed and taught by Kim Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten (she doesn't currently have a website, but your LNS probably has her stuff if they're worth their salt ;-D).

I should post my nametag from the retreat. I just remembered that counts as a finish also!

Finally, I was poking through the patterns I bought the other day and discovered that one of the pincushion patterns would work perfectly with a box I bought a while back. I just needed to fiddle with the dimensions a bit...and the fabric and the colors. So I shrunk down the Key Keep with Fob from Jeannette Douglas Designs and used it for the box lid.
Now I just need to get around to posting where I'm at with various projects. That might be another year or so!

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