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Friday, March 29, 2013

Stash Splash

Well here it is... the pile of stuff I got from this year's stitching retreat:
Patterns galore, silk threads, needle cases, a pair of scissors, notes cards, all sorts of stuff!! Now I need to neatly put it all into my disturbingly large stash pile.

This is one of the projects we did in class. I was able to finish it not long after the retreat.
It was a blast working this project from Olde Colonial Designs.

On the second day we started a project from Amy Bruecken Designs. I've only just started this one, but will post something when I get it done.

We had a great time, as always, with lots of laughter, plenty of chocolate and great designers! Thanks again to Jan and the crew for putting on a stellar weekend for another year... this was my 6th :-).

A Small Finish

Nope I still haven't gotten photos of the stuff from the retreat... although I thought about it. Then I forgot.

Instead I finished the retreat sampler from this year:
I was poking around trying to find some floss last night and came across the unfinished retreat sampler from 2012, so I started working on that last night. I should be able to finish that today (I hope) and assemble it with the pincushion box that I _finally_ got from Gail (my fault, not hers).

I also got around to getting an image of the WIP I've been focusing on. My mom picked this up for me when she was visiting the national parks in the Southwest US. It's a pretty neat little project and doesn't involve much thinking, so it's a great road project.
Anyhow, since I have no idea when I might get around to the photos of my stuff from the retreat, I would like to say that mom did a great job at the retreat. I was really proud of her...she had a lot of new things to learn and had a blast doing it. She only got frustrated a few times. Now if I can just get her to stop crowding me ;-).

Hopefully more to come soon!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


This past weekend was the stitching retreat at A Stitcher's Garden. I'm planning to post a bit about that event soon. I have started working on the commemorative sampler... this is what I have done so far: