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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Check(ers) This Out!

I love fall! It's finally a comfortable temperature outside for me and the dogger, the air smells crisp and clean in the morning and people start to wind down so I have more time to stitch :-D.

After finishing Sudden Showers I pulled out my Quaker Game Board project that I had done a little stitching on before I started the other project. Now I'm starting to make decent progress on it. It's difficult to see the letters that I've finished as they are white on the light tan and washed out with the flash, but you get the idea...
I've done a bit more since this was taken over the weekend. Is started the inner borders for the empty squares on the fabric. I'm organizing a dog event this weekend, so I'm not likely to be getting a lot done on it this weekend. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do more next week during the week.

I've also been sporadically working on a knotwork project. Mostly this has been my morning before work project. I posted the finishes for the scissor fob and the needle book cover. I'm now working on the scissors case. I also made progress beyond the photo here over the last week. I'm now just about finished with the first row in red...
I volunteered to provide awards for dogs passing the event this weekend from the "herding group" and forgot to get items. So... I'm frantically trying to get some little projects finished so I can hand out some ornaments to the successful dogs. I'll get photos of those once they are completed and handed out to the winners. Wish me luck - time is short!

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