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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Light Week

It's been a light week for stitching. I did get a little work done on a few of my traveling smalls. I also got an hour or two in on the stocking, but not too much. I was in Lake Placid for the Empire State Games. Oddly, I ran into a woman who ran cross-country with me in high school. It was rather spectacular learning about what she's up to. I was also happy to medal in all three of my events against a tough field. Mostly I was thrilled to travel with the little team I coach. The kids made me very proud! They exhibited wonderful sportsmanship as had a good majority of the other racers laughing.

Hopefully I'll be posting some photo updates soon :-).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stocking Progress

I was all stitched out at the beginning of the week, so I spent a few days organizing my fibers. Talk about excitement!

Later in the week I started back in on my Christmas stocking. I know that I won't have it done in time if I wait until spring. This is a really fun project to work on!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Finish!

HOORAAAAY! It's been a while since I finished one of my larger pieces. Yesterday I finished the Autumnal Abstract. I'm hoping I can find some time this weekend to assemble it into a nifty configuration (to be revealed at a later time). I'm feeling pretty magnificent at this moment.

I pulled out my Christmas stocking to work on that a bit tonight, but I wasn't feeling it. So, instead, I'm organizing my #5 pearl cotton pile and trying out a new organization in the meantime.

Today I also put in to cancel my Silkweaver Fabric of the Month subscription. I'm not a happy camper about it, but I do have piles of fabric all over the place that are waiting to be stitched on and could use the extra money. *sigh* I hate being responsible.

So now I'm trying to estimate how long it will take me to wrap up a couple more of my open projects so I can start some new exciting thing. Or maybe that won't hold me back anyhow!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Penultimate Post!

Well here it is...the second to last post for the Abstract! I only have the lower right corner to do. Most of the lattice is finished. It shouldn't take me long to fill in the crosses and the interior of the flower. Then there's just the halo area around that. It's all yellow and green though - I'm getting a bit sick of yellow and green ;-).Off to the movies to see Coraline - YAY!

Monday, February 2, 2009


This weekend meta4life from the LJ cross-stitch group suggested a Finish-A-Long. Hence the finish in my previous post. I was also able to finish this little guy. It's the piece from the Mystery Stitch Along this fall. I went simple on it and made a pillow. I love the fabric that I found for it.

I was also able to finish up a little project for one of my coworkers. I'm working on a new little project for another one of my coworkers this week. I'm planning to do one for each of the four of them, hopefully by spring.
Also I made some progress on the abstract. This photo is already out of date. I finished the gold/yellow block and the orange tiled block in the upper right corner. I also was able to get most of the brown block finished up this morning. I just need to fill a few of the lighter colored areas there.I'm not likely going to get any work done tonight since it's only an hour before I got to bed and I haven't eaten anything for dinner. But tomorrow night I think I might have some clear sailing to finish up that brown block and start the next yellow section! When this one is done I need to switch over to my stocking -that one will go quickly... maybe!